What is it that gives us a peace of mind?  I may ask again, and ask who is it that gives us a peace of mind? Regardless of your answer, understand all answers are relevant.  What or who sustains you may not sustain another, but I tell you as we either grow older or contend with illnesses and disease we find ourselves examining our souls more frequently.  I believe that is quite normal. 

We all long for that time! What time? Time when we can just set our issues aside, set our chores aside (or get done with them), more importantly, reprieve.  We look forward to a time during the day or week where we can just relax without interruption.  I've personally been trying to clean out the trunk of my car, my closets, my toiletries in the bathroom, and lots more but no time.  It seems something more important takes the energy from me to do these things, but...I want them done so it stays in my head even while I'm working on other things or simply playing with my grandchildren. Whew!

I wanted to share this with you because I know there are lots of you on the same boat as I am. But, the boat is not sinking (not with me on it, I promise you). There are so many ways to find a peace of mind in the midst of our busy lives; you just need to find the measure that works for you. If you're like me, you won't sweat the small stuff. Things will get done in due time.

For our elderly and disabled persons who desire a peace of mind, Agape Community Healthcare, PC offers the Consumer Directed Services (CDS), a program designed by the state of Missouri where your family members (daughter, son, granddaughter, grandson, etc.) can help you in your home and they may be already but they can receive a check twice a month for helping.  What a win-win catch!  With this program, trust and privacy issues can be alleviated immediately and consequently the elderly or disabled or both persons can live with PEACE OF MIND in their place of residency. 
Why don't you help someone if you know someone who fits to need help.  Contact me, personally.  Meloni


    From the desk of the director

    Hi Everyone, I would like to emphasize how Agape Community Healthcare, PC and companies alike are making great efforts to keep the elderly and disabled persons in their homes.

    We strive to complete our care plans designed by the State of Missouri assessors yet, we promote autonomy for all individuals.

    If it is yourself or someone you know that needs help with their activities of daily living, need a peace of mind or need help in any way, CALL US! 

    M. Huddleston, RN, BSN


    March 2015


    Home Health St. Louis