The ever popular question: Do you choose to live longer eating healthy or live shorter eating what you enjoy? Whichever we choose, we still have the slightest idea how long we may live. That's something we just don't know. However, sciences have proven (somewhat) that eating healthy and complying to a physician's orders and regimens will help you lead a normal lengthy life when diagnosed with disease. Preventative medicine is still paramount with the rising cost of healthcare; yet your choice.

It seems to be an epidemic of newly diagnosed diabetic patients. Statistics will show you when you do your own research that a gross number of the American population has the disease but hasn't been diagnosed. For whatever reason people decide not to go the doctor when their bodily functions changes, baffles me. Diabetes mellitus has three cardinal symptoms you could hardly ignore.

  • Eating more
  • Drinking more
  • Urinating more

The problem that I've discovered is that people are too busy. We are so busy we can't take time to go to the doctor to be seen; and if you have any idea what managing diabetes would be like in case you may have it, we may choose to deliberately avoid the initial doctor's visit.

With hectic schedules, who has time to manage diabetes? It seems the rise of the population's schedules is coinciding with the rise of the newly diagnosed diabetes patients.

It seems after my study and observance of those I'm frequently surrounded with diabetes, the seriousness of the disease is taken lightly. If it were ten people I studied, nine were non compliant with their management regiment prescribed by their physicians. The diets were awful; diets of 9 year olds. No one is exercising and I question the truth of their answers when they tell me they have taken their insulin or Metformin.

Diabetes mellitus is a serious condition where all persons diagnosed should seriously consider starting and maintaining the regiment their physicians prescribed, even if it means completely changing your entire lifestyle. Many instances being diagnosed with Diabetes mellitus is equivalent to CHANGE OF LIFESTYLE. I realize that quite a few folk would rather live a shorter life eating what they enjoy and doing no exercise than to live a longer life not enjoying anything. That pretty much sums it up.

We should all educate ourselves about our conditions before we make that choice. not later but immediately.

Choose to love healthier foods; choose to attempt to do some kind of exercise, and choose to make time to see a physician to direct our care with diabetes so that we may live healthier longer. Or, we can choose to continue to ignore the obvious by taking a chance with our lives and our families. We are all in this together. If our neighbors can change and endure, we can too.

This can be done in a fun way. Decide what's fun and exciting for you that complies with your physician's diabetes management regimen and go for it.

Non compliant persons usually regret later for not following the doctor's orders, but like everything else, it's a choice we make.

About the Author

Mel Huddleston is a Registered Professional Nurse working as the Director of Nursing and Manager for AGAPE COMMUNITY HEALTHCARE,PC., Ms. Huddleston is currently in training to become a Diabetes Educator with Certification after recently being diagnosed herself.

Diabetes mellitus can lead to many subsequent medical problems, especially if it is ignored. Managing diabetes can be tasking but it could be looked at as a life or death condition. Knowing that, in which many people are cavalier about, may prevent coronary disease and/or coronary artery bypass grafts, below the knee amputations and above the knee amputations, and retinal detachments where Vitrectomy and Vitreoretinal procedures are done to prevent vision loss.

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